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Schedule of Meetings and Events

Monthly Bizness Meetings:

Usually the 3rd Sunday of the month 


Sunday, Aug. 20, 2023

Time 5:00 pm


The Galley Sports Pub

3147 Northview Dr.

Elkhart, IN


Sunday, Sept. 17, 2023

Time 5:00 pm


The Galley Sports Pub

3147 Northview Dr.

Elkhart, IN

Meetings resume in August and there will be a great selection of events coming in the next few months.  We hope to see as many members as possible attend this monthly meeting.  Everyone is welcome.

Public is welcome. 

Come see what the Parrot Heads are up to in the coming months.


PHIM logo attempt 4 background

Phlocktail Hours:

Strictly social gatherings – no working during drinking hours


Details TBA

Suggestions for a location are welcome

Come help the Parrot Heads celebrate National Margarita Day at this new Mexican restaurant near downtown Mishawaka.  We will have our own room to mingle in.  



Saturday July 29, 2023

Event has been cancelled


Saturday June 3, 2023

Time and specific location TBA

Our club will once again be operating a Water Station to help in hydrating the runners.  Come and help us and join in the phun as we continue our quest to impart some parrot head madness to the participants.

CHECK OUT OUR EVENT CALENDAR ON THE "MEETINGS AND EVENTS TAB"!  All of our happenings will be on the calendar.  House concerts, charity events and other incredible happenings can be found there.  

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Barefoot Children in the Sand Parrot Head Fundraiser Weekend
January 19-21, 2024
Holiday Inn - Mishawaka

Charities and Entertainment details to be announced soon


Drop Dead Dangerous

Will Kimbrough

Two Dudes in Flip Flops

More Music TBA


Check the Barefoot Children website for more details!

 About the Club
Parrot Heads In Michiana (PHiM) is a local club comprised of people who have joined together for great causes. In addition to being a social club, the Parrot Heads phlock together to perform charitable actions, donate their time and raise money or supplies for local non-profit organizations. This local group is part of the national organization known as Parrot Heads in Paradise.

The first Parrot Head Club was formed in 1989 in Atlanta. Since that time, the organization has grown to almost 200 clubs worldwide. Members come from a variety of backgrounds, but they all share a number of interests in common. They all are attracted to Jimmy Buffett's music and the laid-back, tropical lifestyle he embodies. More importantly, they have a strong desire to give something back to the community in which they live.

The local chapter, Parrot Heads in Michiana, began in October of 2004, and has continued to grow. In their seventeen years in existence, PHiM has contributed more than 8,000 hours and $200,000 to local charities. Currently, the club has approximately 75 members and is always looking for more. If you have an interest in meeting other fun-loving people, Jimmy Buffett, tropical rock music, helping your community, and having a phun time, then this is the group for you. Click on the "Join Us" tab to learn how to become a member.

The club holds meetings and social gatherings on a regular basis. Feel free to drop in on a meeting and check out what we do. Meet with the group on the 3rd Sunday of every month (check Home Page for exact time and location). The club also holds a social hour each month at different bars and restaurants in the area. Check the "Meetings and Events" page fordetails.




Good Morning, Parrotheads!


It is exciting times and your Board and committees.  We are all aware that for a long time we have been telling you what we are working on and what is coming. We are finally able to start delivering those very things!


The obvious question is, what about Jimmy? Unfortunately, the answer is this...we do not know. Many of us are phriends with Coral Reefers and they are even in the dark for good reason. To not be in a position to leak anything. Will concerts or shows happen?  Right now no one knows.  Jimmy wants to get back to his fans, but his health comes first.


A report from our Membership Director Suzanne states that 98-99% of our clubs turned in the requested paperwork for renewal and Interim Reports.  This makes finding and using the information MUCH easier to track and also gives us new routes to get information to our clubs and members, as well as utilize the info in real time (like having people register on site for MOTM and looking up their club status!). This also let's us reach people that are still not getting information (2 of us saw a post just last weekend by people asking what MOTM is).


This also lets us move forward with a projected date of September 30 for the Members Only Section.  This will allow ALL members to access the site, but also opt out of receiving information should they choose.  In the Members Only Pages we plan to have 3 sections.  These would be benefits for Clubs, Individual Members, and Keets.  This will take time to design and create, and we are always looking for vendors and options for our members.  Having these available as a tool will help YOU gain members, and also maybe help people you know that have something to offer our members (let us know what you can ofer our members!)


We have recognized several areas in our by-laws and policies that need to be rewritten or simply written, so we will be forming committees to hash those out.  In reality, we want all of these changes to be written by our PH Peers, and not simply from the Board.  Your voices and experience should count.


We also know that an audit is needed....BUT....Kyle has been working incredibly hard to get all names and accounts changed over properly and in a way to make future transitioning easier.  We are finally past all of the bank stuff (imagine trying to get paperwork and signatures, some required in person, from all over the country!) and have a CPA working on the independant audit.


Then there is MOTM.  The collaboration and teamwork has been amazing to pull together this event in a new location and offer as many opportunities as we can to you, our PH Phamily.  While being a new location, we will have growing pains, but we have tried our best to have a hub location and also promote and advertise all of the outside venues and even side gigs from our musicians. Knowing and learning from this, 2023 will be amazing and just wait until next year!


We are always available for questions and are happy to confirm or dispel any rumors. None of this would be possible without our amazing Board.  Thank you to Brad, Suzanne, David, and Kyle for always taking the ball and running with it. And of course to our committees and teams: Jim Brogren with Lone Palm Foundation! Jed, Suzanne, and Pete with MOTM! Joe, Tam, Vince, and Cheryl doing IT and Media!


Looking forward to great things to come, and knowing that our clubs are growing and trop rocking it out there (my home club gained 6 members just this last weekend!). Thank you RC's and Club Leaders for all that you do and keep those fins up high!


Billy Brehm

President, PHiP

  Streaming Music and Videos


Check out some of the great Trop Rock music and artists that make up the Parrot Head world.  There's more to a Parrot Head than Jimmy Buffett.

   Join Us!


If you like what you see, click below to find out all about joining our club.  

Check out Margaritaville
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