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Come As You Are Beach Bar - Keith Sykes

An old school singer/songwriter who has written great songs for Jimmy Buffett.  This is a newer one and one of our favorites.

Hotel California - Drop Dead Dangerous Reloaded

One of the hottest groups in Trop Rock right now is Drop Dead Dangerous.  Here they are with the entire band.



Hill Country Rain

There are so many great musicians that fit into the Trop Rock category.  Here is one of the best...Jim Morris and the Big Bamboo Band.  After watching this video you will have a real understanding of how much fun a Parrot Head event can be.  Great people, great music, and almost always for a great cause.

Skinny Beer

Another favorite from Key West is Donnie Brewer.  He has gained tremendously in popularity by writing tremendous songs and working his butt off appearing around the country. 

Live set by Peter Mayer

A big part of Jimmy Buffett's success is that he surrounds himself with incredibly talented musicians.  One example is his guitarist, Peter Mayer.  Peter has played in our area a few times and always puts on an incredible show.   Here is a great set he performed at The Duck Room in St. Louis with his band. 

Sunny Jim Livestream Show

James "Sunny Jim" White is another Trop Rock artist who our club has brought to our area for a "House Concert".  He is an excellent songwriter, fantastic performer and all-around nice guy. 

Down in Belize

Jerry Jeff Walker has had a long career and a wild life.  He is credited with being the one who first took Jimmy Buffett to Key West and the rest is history.  He has made some great music, and this one is an ode to one of his favorite places...Belize.

10 Random Words Song

No, it's not Trop Rock.  But Thom Shepherd is Trop Country Rock and this video with his buddy Zane Williams showcases how talented these guys are.


There's a lot of great music in the Parrot Head world.
Here's some great options when you want to sample all the phantastic artists in the Trop Rock universe.
Pull up a beach chair, grab a margarita and hit the beach, even if it's only in your imagination.
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