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Minutes - June 2016

Sat June 18,2016 Business Meeting

Upcoming Events

  • Business Meetings

  • Between the Buns, Osceola 5pm----, July 17(at the Nunemaker’s), August 20th at Mindy’s Tiki Bar

  • Phlocktails –

  • July 8th at 6:30 at Patti’s Tiki Bar and Happy Ending Parlor

  • August ___ Goshen Brewhouse

  • TO DO’s--

  • 2016 Future Events

  • Wawasee Boat Cruise-fun Sat July 9th from 1-4 pm cost is $25pp.

  • Urban Adventure-July 30th – (BUBBA and WAYNE are in charge) Need Volunteers!!!!!

  • Chicago’s summer chill July 15,16

  • Thom Shepherd and Coley McCabe(Shepherd)- July 17th at Key West North (Nunemaker’s)

  • Wayno’s Wine-o Weekend TBD soon


  • MOTM 25th Anniversary

  • Buffett Concerts? Chicago tailgating June 25th

  • August Food Drive- One location looks like Bittersweet

  • Sept Golf Outing –Sept 10th

  • Club B-Day

  • Club Christmas party—Eagles again??

  • Chris’s 9th annual 50th Birthday party May12-13th 2017 at Potato Creek State Park

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